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  2. Miss Route 66 by Professor Michael Lund -
  3. Remains of the Stony Dell Resort - Route 66, Newburg, Missouri
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Brooks was presented with the crown and sash in a private ceremony held last month.

Brooks currently attends Coconino Community College. Born in Kingman, she moved to the Williams area when she was She has worked at Pine Country Restaurant for six years. Brooks works with her mother and her brother at the local business, while her dad works for the Grand Canyon Railway.

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It was really fun. It was a lot different than I thought it would be and it was a little bit of work, but it was still really fun.

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It kind of quizzed me on Route 66 stuff. I lived in Kingman and I had no idea it was part of Route I moved here and everything is about Route People ask me about it all the time. Where's Route 66? Where does it originate?

Miss Route 66 by Professor Michael Lund -

It's kind of cool, because the competition gave you a whole long list of questions and answers to remember and it's kind of helped me at work, because people ask me how many states it goes through, stuff like that. It's just an experience that I can put down and say, 'I've done this,' but it's kind of nice that I actually get to do it now.

Brooks will present the crown to the new Miss Route 66 during this year's pageant, scheduled for later this year.

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She recommended that future contestants for the crown work on their personal interviews prior to the pageant. I definitely think the personal interview was the hardest, because you're nervous, you're by yourself. No one's with you except for the judges, and they ask you a bunch of weird questions. According to pageant organizer Diana Croteau, moving the pageant to August will give Brooks some added time to wear the crown. Last year's pageant was held March The dates that we have it now there's conflict with the girls' school and everything.

Remains of the Stony Dell Resort - Route 66, Newburg, Missouri

Plan B : Back to School. When life shows up on your doorstep, in the form of a debilitating disease, it can be soul crushing.

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But, in , when Multiple Sclerosis, was foolish enough to show up brandishing the same initials as Mark Southerland, it had no idea what was in store for it. Suddenly, it was MS that needed a Plan B! We would like you to follow us on our journey, but more importantly, we ask you to help the hard working and dedicated folks and their clients at the Rocky Mountain MS CENTER by making a generous donation.

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How did we decide on Route 66? Several years ago, Mark and I purchased matching Triumph Scramblers.

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Before you judge, send a donation.