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  4. Asher Benson Thriller Series: Books 1-3

The oldest historical reference to the valley is found in Joshua , which describe tribal boundaries. The next chronological reference to the valley is at the time of King Ahaz of Judah who sacrificed his sons there according to 2 Chron. Since Hezekiah , his legitimate son by the daughter of the High Priest, succeeded him as king, this, if literal, is assumed to mean children by unrecorded pagan wives or concubines. The same is said of Ahaz' grandson Manasseh in There remains debate about whether the phrase "cause his children to pass through the fire" meant a religious ceremony or literally child sacrifice.

The Book of Isaiah does not mention Gehenna by name, but the "burning place" in which the Assyrian army is to be destroyed, may be read "Topheth", and the final verse of Isaiah which concerns of those that have rebelled against God, Isaiah In the reign of Josiah a call came from Jeremiah to destroy the shrines in Topheth and to end the practice Jeremiah , It is recorded that Josiah destroyed the shrine of Molech on Topheth to prevent anyone sacrificing children there in 2 Kings Despite Josiah's ending of the practice, Jeremiah also included a prophecy that Jerusalem itself would be made like Gehenna and Topheth , A final purely geographical reference is found in Neh.

The ancient Aramaic paraphrase-translations of the Hebrew Bible known as Targums supply the term "Gehinnom" frequently to verses touching upon resurrection, judgment, and the fate of the wicked. This may also include addition of the phrase " second death ", as in the final chapter of the Book of Isaiah , where the Hebrew version does not mention either Gehinnom or the Second Death, whereas the Targums add both. In this the Targums are parallel to the Gospel of Mark addition of "Gehenna" to the quotation of the Isaiah verses describing the corpses "where their worm does not die".

The picture of Gehenna as the place of punishment or destruction of the wicked occurs frequently in the Mishnah in Kiddushin 4. Bereshith 6. Rosh Hashanah 16b:7a; b. Bereshith 28b. Gehenna is considered a purgatory -like place where the wicked go to suffer until they have atoned for their sins. It is stated in most Jewish sources that the maximum amount of time a sinner can spend in Gehenna is one year. According to the Talmud, there are also four people who do not get a share in Olam Ha-Ba. The traditional explanation that a burning rubbish heap in the Valley of Hinnom south of Jerusalem gave rise to the idea of a fiery Gehenna of judgment is attributed to Rabbi David Kimhi 's commentary on Psalm ca.

He maintained that in this loathsome valley fires were kept burning perpetually to consume the filth and cadavers thrown into it. However, Hermann Strack and Paul Billerbeck state that there is neither archaeological nor literary evidence in support of this claim, in either the earlier intertestamental or the later rabbinic sources.

Bailey's "Gehenna: The Topography of Hell" [24] from holds a similar view. There is evidence however that the southwest shoulder of this valley Ketef Hinnom was a burial location with numerous burial chambers that were reused by generations of families from as early as the seventh until the fifth century BC.

The use of this area for tombs continued into the first centuries BC and AD. By 70 AD, the area was not only a burial site but also a place for cremation of the dead with the arrival of the Tenth Roman Legion , who were the only group known to practice cremation in this region. In time it became deemed to be accursed and an image of the place of destruction in Jewish folklore.

Eventually the Hebrew term Gehinnom [28] became a figurative name for the place of spiritual purification for the wicked dead in Judaism. According to most Jewish sources, the period of purification or punishment is limited to only 12 months and every Sabbath day is excluded from punishment. In the synoptic Gospels the various authors describe Jesus, who was himself Jewish, as using the word Gehenna to describe the opposite to life in the Kingdom Mark The term is used 11 times in these writings. Christian usage of Gehenna often serves to admonish adherents of the religion to live pious lives.

Examples of Gehenna in the Christian New Testament include:. Another book to use the word Gehenna in the New Testament is James: [33]. The New Testament also refers to Hades as a place distinct from Gehenna. The Book of Revelation describes Hades being cast into the lake of fire Revelation Treatment of Gehenna in Christianity is significantly affected by whether the distinction in Hebrew and Greek between Gehenna and Hades was maintained:.

The valley of (Ben) Hinnom

Many modern Christians consider Gehenna to be a place of eternal punishment. Some Christian scholars, however, have suggested that Gehenna may not be synonymous with the Lake of Fire , but a prophetic metaphor for the horrible fate that awaited the many civilians killed in the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A. The name given to Hell in Islam, Jahannam , directly derives from Gehenna. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Biblical term that has been interpreted as analogous to the concept of Hades , Hell or Purgatory.

For other uses, see Gehenna disambiguation. Not to be confused with Gahanna, Ohio. Location in Jerusalem, south of Mount Zion. Main article: Tophet. Mills; Roger Aubrey Bullard Mercer Dictionary of the Bible. The scenes are so realistic that you will literally shudder with horror when you read them. I have never read such a graphic book, nor have I ever read one that I had to put down while I was eating like I did with this one.


The twists and turns are astonishing. Jason makes you think about the book long after you are done. The ending is like no other. I could not believe it was over with the twist that was just thrown out there at the very end. I am hoping for a sequel or this book is going to haunt me forever.

It is just that kind of book. All in all, this book is a non-stop, action packed adventure. It is a must read! May 15, Sara rated it it was amazing Shelves: zombie-fiction. A read in one sitting excellent ebook..


GEHENNA - ubewebycexuc.gq

Dec 09, Hayat rated it really liked it Shelves: freebies-and-bargain-books , hero-dangerous-alpha , science-fiction , dominant-ladies , kick-ass-heroine , southern-setting , hero-i-adore , very-dark-story , heroine-independent-spirited , law-enforcement.

A Free book full of cowboys, outlaws, prostitutes, zombies, a drunk priest who serves as the town doctor and a hero and heroine to die for! What more could you ask for? An epidemic of biblical proportion is about to hit the old Wild West and when it does everyone is caught unaware and ill prepared to battle the hungry zombie horde. When two cannibalistic, gravely wounded men stagger into the town of Gehenna, all Hell breaks loose. Infamous outlaw Mad Dog McCall, stuck in the city jail, must fi A Free book full of cowboys, outlaws, prostitutes, zombies, a drunk priest who serves as the town doctor and a hero and heroine to die for!

This gem of a book has an intriguing mixture of wild west with Zombies but it works! The plot is fast and exciting, the side characters are entertaining, the main characters are well developed, engaging and seeing the world from both POV was a such a treat! The little spark of potential romance between Mad Dog McCall and Karen gives hope for their future survival and happiness. These two have won me over in such a short space of time and I'm going to be so heart broken if they don't make it to the end. Nov 01, Elle Casey rated it it was amazing Shelves: zombie-book.

I admit to being a zombie newbie so not cool, I know but I'm an old hand at westerns, both books and movies. Jason Brant's strong suits are the way he weaves humor into the story, despite their dark nature, and also his character development. You love who you're supposed to love, hate who you're supposed to hate, and in the case of zombies, feel like barfing when you're supposed to feel like barfing which, BTW, is throughout most of the book! Another nice horse for the Jason Brant stables! Wild west zombie mayhem The title says it all - an unjustly accused outlaw and a headstrong prostitute fight their way out of a burning town overrun with the undead.

Entertaining if you like western or zombies, almost like reading a game session of Red Dead Redemption - Undead Nightmare. View 2 comments. Good read Ive read many zombie type books but this one is definitely an original. The characters are very real and Coke to life on the page. The setting of western times makes it an interesting story. I look forward to the next book. May 03, Lisa rated it it was amazing. Gehenna , written by Jason Brant, is a horror novel. This is the first book by this author that I have read, and I was not disappointed.

I am a big fan of zombie stories. There may be more out there written with the twist this one is written with, but if there are, I haven't read them. Oh, and I wouldn't recommend eating while reading this book. Gehenna is a place of eternal torment and suffering, the place of condemned souls. It is hell. There is an old west town by the name of Gehenna. The old w Gehenna , written by Jason Brant, is a horror novel. The old west meets zombies. They are well-developed and very believable.

These two men wander into town. Well, they aren't exactly men, but they used to be. Each of them have arrows coming out their backs. They really shouldn't be able to walk at all. But they have walked into town and they are eating this woman alive. No one knows what a zombie is. No one understands what is wrong with these men who should be dead. No one realizes that each person bitten will turn into a zombie. While all of this is going on outside, there is an outlaw locked up inside the jail. Things start to get really interesting for him when the sheriff is no longer around and the 'walking dead' begin to come after him.

He escapes and teams up with a prostitute in a boarded-up saloon to try and save their own lives from these extremely hungry monsters, the likes of which they have never seen. That is kind of funny once you realize that he is one of the city's worst sinners. Besides taking place in the old west, there is also a biblical twist added to the story. I'm not going to tell you what it is, but it will make you view zombies just a bit differently. The twists and turns in the plot make you not want to put the book down.

The action pretty much never quits. If you are a fan of zombie fiction, this a book that you really want to read. I bought my copy of this excellent book from Amazon. If you would like a copy of your own, I have provided a link below. Dec 07, Addie Mariama rated it it was amazing. Loved this book. This is my first Zombie book, actually its my first Old West Book too. I very much enjoyed the story line and the characters, especially the addition of a strong female lead in a horror genre.

Good writing, many moments had me holding my breath waiting for the next move. Great ending which immediately makes you want to read the next book in the series. I highly recommend getting the omnibus version as you will want to read all three! View 1 comment. Jun 03, Deborah rated it really liked it. A Zombie tale set in the old west. An outlaw, a prostitute, zombies, and the rising dead fill this quick read. The author's descriptions are very disturbingly vivid. The question is can they beat the zombies and escape them? Jason Brant kept me on the edge of my seat anticipating what was going to happen next.

I look forward to reading more from this author. Nov 29, Andrew rated it it was amazing Shelves: pa-and-dystopian , zombies. It was well written and moved at a nice fast pace. Zombies and the old west Will definitely read the next two. After a long couple of months of just average or even disappointing reads, Jason Brant's pulpy Western-zombie infusion was just what I needed. Gehenna could not have been simpler and is written with a sparse, direct style that will have no-one comparing Brant to Laird Barron or John Logan, but it is all kinds of fun. Brant wastes no time in dropping a group of disparate characters into the midst of a zombie outbreak.

The short novel is structured so as to be written from the alternating third-per After a long couple of months of just average or even disappointing reads, Jason Brant's pulpy Western-zombie infusion was just what I needed. The short novel is structured so as to be written from the alternating third-person limited perspectives of the two major characters - an intelligent prostitute working out of the town's bar and a gun-slinging bad-ass who happens to have been locked up by the town's sheriff as the story begins. There's also a host of cannon-fodder characters who may as well be wearing bright red shirts , but they are simply there to facilitate moments of carnage - moments that Brant describes in great, gore-soaked detail.

I didn't even care that several of them became interchangeable after a very short period of time. In short, Gehenna is a fun, survival horror set in the Old West. It won't win any literary awards, but it will have you swiping through the pages quickly. And Brant has had the good grace to turn this into a three book series which I am totally on board for. How about you? I am normally not reading books about zombies, but this book sounded interesting. It was lots of action and reminded me of the pulps.

There were no boring moments, action all the time. I give it 3 stars, but would have given it 3. Since I am normally not reading zombie stories, I don't know if this was more gory than other stories, but for me it was a bit too much. Not so much that I would stop reading, but plenty of it. Still I do recommend it if you like action and zombie I am normally not reading books about zombies, but this book sounded interesting. Still I do recommend it if you like action and zombie stories. Dec 04, Zaz rated it really liked it Shelves: series , p , zombies , self-published , zz-rfantasy-bingoto A nice Weird Western, mixing well alcohol, pistols and zombies.

When people rush out from the saloon, they discover 2 men eating a woman in the street. They succeed to restrain them, gathering some bites during the fight. And yes, hell is coming. I've a nice background of zombie books behind me, so for this part, the book was fine with lots of guts, gore, groans and missing parts.

Asher Benson Thriller Series: Books 1-3

The tension was good, especially with the characters who didn't know what was happening, doing debutant mistakes. I ha A nice Weird Western, mixing well alcohol, pistols and zombies. I haven't read many westerns and I'm not in a cow-boys country, so I've no idea if this part was good, but the list checked the essential things like weapons, the annoying preacher, the lazy sherif, the whores and the drunks. The lack of current technology was an interesting idea mixed with the zombies, giving a nice horrific atmosphere to several moments.

The characters were ok, with a nice place for women, but they weren't really developed, so I didn't care when they were eaten alive or were trying to escape good luck to them.

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Overall, a nice and entertaining zombie read, I'll check the sequel. Mar 13, David Dalton rated it really liked it Shelves: creepy , isolated-location , guns-gun-and-more-guns , scary , thriller , intense , violent , zombie , gross , old-west. I finally got around to reading this story, and I am glad I did. One reviewer commented the story was too violent- - - It's a zombie book set in the ole west, what else would you expect to read? You bet! This is a short read, but I thought the author did a good job of setting the characters up, with the two main characters being an outlaw on the run and a intelligent hooker with a heart of gold.

Loved the ending I could just see t I finally got around to reading this story, and I am glad I did. I could just see their eyes rolling Which leads into the 2nd of 3 books in this series:. Nov 11, Ozsaur rated it liked it Shelves: horror , historical-fiction , zombie , for , western. Very fast paced, a bit on the gory side, lots of zombie action.

It was a fun read. I got it because I figured a zombie western would be different, and it was - the reactions of the townspeople to something they've never even heard of before was done very well. Got a hint of backstory for McCall and Karen, but not enough to interrupt the flow of the action.

Asher Benson Thriller Series: Books 1-3

My only problem was that I wanted a little more western flavor. The feel was just a tad too modern Very fast paced, a bit on the gory side, lots of zombie action. The feel was just a tad too modern. And I have to agree with another reviewer, this would make a fun movie!

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Jul 24, Jannah rated it really liked it. An Outlaw, a prostitute, and a zombie walk into a bar I'm not going to give you more, read it, ok? This book was fast paced, action packed and humorous. I am a tremendous fan of zombie movies and this book played out in my head as such. Kudos to Jason Brant on writing a zombie book without all the trite romance that can muddle a horror story. Oh, don't get me wrong, I like a good romance book, but it would have seemed forced and wrong in a book of this nature.

To sum up, excellent story, go r An Outlaw, a prostitute, and a zombie walk into a bar To sum up, excellent story, go read it! Dec 05, Mike rated it really liked it. A Western town. A train track runs by the town. There's a saloon and a house of ill repute. A lady of the evening with a great mind and a heart of gold. A desperado locked up in jail. The town is a no-gun zone, and firearms must be turned in to the sheriff.

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Oh, yeah An adrenaline ride with a good dose of western humor. Apr 23, Daniel rated it liked it. This was a fun and quick read. Two gutsy protagonists, representing both genders, join forces during a zombie uprising in a small outpost during the wild west that may have never been. Brant keeps the plot moving with action, gore, doses of humor that steer clear of 21st century snark, and serviceable prose.

I'm game for the sequel. Jun 25, April rated it really liked it.