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She was told to meet this professor who studied bioengineering and also created a special collar that can be used with glorbs giving the wearer a tremendous powerful form. She was informed that she couldn't reveal the name of the unknown individual, who told the black cat yokai about Professor Venomous.

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I want to see if a full-blooded neko like you can handle those glorbs. You're treating me like some sort of test subject? Venomous sighed as he noticed this sharp-tongued black cat yokai has a distrust towards humans. Humans like himself. If I give you these two important items without knowing, you will make a reckless behavior to make powerful havoc and you will hurt those important around you. I will accept your terms.


Loveless - U.S. Civil War Soldiers, - ubewebycexuc.gq

And so, Serena did some testings for Professor Venomous who made some data for the past two weeks. How strong she had become, how powerful she is with the power of the glorbs. In her turbo form combined with her neko yokai blood, she received some changes in appearances. In her turbo form, Serena has a black spiky choker to replace the glorb empowerment collar and long cat claws.

With those results, Professor Venomous gave a suitcase filled with glorbs to her. Let's just say it's on the house. Then Serena and the villainous professor heard a male voice, "Serena Kuroneko? Also he is your father. Serena was shocked to see that human martial grandmaster and frowned at his unexpected arrival. Yue had his hands hidden inside his long sleeves of his Chinese martial arts attire. In fact The Kuroneko family along with the Neko Shogun and Yori are worried about you and they sent me to find you.

I was told that the Neko clan are under attacked by a certain powerful villain who called himself Disco Overlord recently. Did you create that glorb-empowering collar for her? We only finished some test results using that collar and the glorbs," Professor Venomous answered.

Is this true? I have a feeling this decision you just made is not wise for you to partake Then Serena snapped, "I don't care if I need the glorbs from a villain like this human man in purple! As the head of the Kuroneko, I must stop Disco Overlord and end his evil frolicking dance attacks. Yue sighed as he said, "She still hates me as a human despite being as her uncle. You could say For some reason, he hasn't confronted you since the last time he saw you.

Last time was he met you when he and Lord Boxman went to Noir X nightclub. How is your daughter? Venomous never knew that you had finally understood about your true self. That was when you didn't know that you actaully have half-neko yokai blood until that fateful day.

He even tried to make a research on you and your half-yokai blood. He then recalled his conversation with Yue when he was Laserblast before he faked his disappearance because of his forbidden bioengineering research to gain more power. But I know that she will understand the reason she's not really human one day You were playing a temari ball and you wore a shrine maiden attire as a child. That day, Laser and his girlfriend Sparks visited Yue and Yori, who have an ability to transform as a human woman.

You, as a child, did not know that your mother was actually a cat yokai. After he recalled that day he first saw you as a child when he was Laserblast, Venomous asked, "When did she first awaken her neko yokai powers? It was all because of that villain from the dark shadows. He captured you when you wanted to find out about this dark shadowed villain who knew about you for no good reasons. This dark mysterious villain was aware of you and your unawakened yokai powers back then. He tried to force you to awaken those powers by fighting against your father. That fateful dark day, you unconsciously awakened your neko yokai powers, giving you a transformation.

You went berserk, unable to control your powers as a half-cat yokai. He tried to ease you with his song, but he was wounded by you as you clawed him at his chest. That day made you blame yourself for what you had done. You hurt your own father, failed to take control your powerful neko yokai form until you finally came to your senses as he said to you, "Finish me off if you must, but You noticed your father wounded.

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It was your fault that he got himself hurt. You screamed in horror and broke down in tears. After that night you had first transformed as a half-neko yokai, you decided to accept who you are and learn how to control your half-neko powers. Yue became silent, unable to answer Venomous' question about you and your first transformation. After Yue left, Venomous headed to his office. Once he's inside, Venomous headed towards the window to stare at it.

He was surprsied to see the girl staring at him and rubbed his eyes. Once he did, he looked back to find no one standing outside of Boxmore. He sighed, feeling a little tired. Professor Venomous left his office and headed to his bedroom, for him to rest. Somewhere in the forests Neo Japan, Shadowy Figure then met up with his important associate, who was just dancing in neo disco-style. Whereas Deadwood took place in the Western frontier, Loveless is set in a southern town after the Civil War.

The Union soldiers have come carpetbagging, and the protagonist is a Confederate vigilante turned sheriff hell-bent on revenge. And so we find our hero-of-sorts, Wes Cutter, spending the majority of the new Loveless trade "Thicker Than Blackwater" doing what he does best: kinda-maybe-sorta protecting the town, and in-a-general-sense not giving-a-fuck about anyone but his Virginia rose, Ruth. Brian Azzarello made a name in Vertigo with another series, Bullets , and like Bullets , Loveless does a couple things very well and a few significant things much too poorly.

Sometimes the two dovetailed in the aforementioned crime series -- Azzarello became so consumed with the minutia of double backstabbing and underhanded violence that the plot disappeared under mountains of characters and divergent plotlines. As such, Azzarello's characters never seem to gel on the page -- instead they spend issue after issue with ambiguous motivations before they are wiped out by a gunshot denouement. The advantage of this kind of loose-and-fast playing with characters is that Azzarello has a sense of stylized violence his contemporaries sometimes miss.

Contrast Bullets to the recent Punisher Presents: Barracuda and the difference is evident. Azzarello doesn't require grotesque and racist depictions of minorities in order to convey the underbelly of modern criminal society. He just needs a good artist, and a lot of bullets. So where Loveless works is on the page itself. Marcelo Frusin has an imaginative mind for this kind of comic book work.

He matches the mythology of Western tales with Azzarello's taste for blood. Like Deadwood , the marriage is one made in heaven. The illustrations look like wood cutouts, carved from timber. The pages seem to drip red with setting suns and spliced veins.

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In fact, red becomes a motif in Loveless for everything of meaning to Azzarello. His character Ruth, who is called the only courageous woman in town, has a head of flaming red hair. Ruth also has an incessantly referenced rape backstory, though, that betrays Azzarello's preoccupation with melodrama. Here, Loveless takes a different path from Bullets. In the latter, character backstories were only useful for setting up firefights. In the former, flashbacks incessantly invade the narrative -- at times it seems like everything interesting already happened. That feeling is intentional. Azzarello wants the reader to experience the aftermath of war along with his characters, and as such, even the most vicious enemies -- in "Thicker Than Blackwater," a serial killer -- did most of their killing in the past.

The most horrific moments in Blackwater occur in the old days. The serial killer slaughters a defenseless Union company and then smiles his satanic grin. In the present, though, he's a business man in the pay of the local company. When events finally do come to a head, they are deliberately drawn. A man takes five panels and one full page to die from a gunshot wounds, and the climactic moment happens completely off-camera -- a gunshot merely heard in the distance by a supporting character.

Life happens at a slower pace now that the war has ended. As far as Azzarello's message that war leaves us incomplete with the past, Loveless is an antiwar story. But Azzarello is also the Quentin Tarantino of comic books. He enjoys violence because it lets him set his toy soldiers up and then knock them down. It's a chance to play around with the setting and the themes.

Shadowy VenomousxReader: Loveless and War Ch. 1

Azzarello may have one eye on the news, but his story is eventually more in the tradition of Shane than Iraq. Hell, it's more in the tradition of Shane than John Wayne, either -- the romanticization of cowboys is more about their deaths than their lives. There's enough blood in Loveless to fertilize Georgia's war-burnt fields. Except that this story isn't about healing the past, it's about getting revenge for it in the present.

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  6. If "Thicker than Blackwater" adds anything new to the Loveless narrative, it's that no one is an innocent.