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Older Noah brings Jonas to have a conversation with Adam. He wants things to end. Adam shocks Jonas by revealing that they are the same person — he reveals his scarred neck to prove it. Burning questions: What the hell? Is there any hope here? Can the well-intentioned ever improve this world? Why does sweet Jonas have to end up so cold and evil? Why did Aleksander have to change his name? And who is Clausen? The incest dreams somehow get worse!

Episode 5 opens with another iteration of the recurring Jonas-Martha sex dream, but this time the dreamer is grown-up Jonas. He sees his current self age 40ish! A wormhole opens up from her torso. He wakes with a start, in Teen Jonas wakes up with adam sitting next to his bad in She has a newspaper clipping from the future that says her father, Egon, died the next day. Circumstances surrounding his death were unclear. She goes to see him, and asks him to move in with her. One ends with loss of naivete, the second ends with loss of innocence, and the third ends with loss of life itself.

Adam tells him he has plenty of time: 99 years. Good one, evil future Jonas. He knocks out an unsuspecting nurse, and escapes. Clausen comes over to interview Hannah, and is surprised to find Katharina there. He shows both of them a police sketch of adult Jonas, and they both lie and say they have not seen him. Poor Clausen knows so much and yet so little!


5 Bizarre Paradoxes Of Time Travel Explained

Clausen complains to Hannah that everyone is lying to him. Then, he asks why she still receives payments from Aleksander, despite discontinuing his massage treatment. He leaves a pendant on her pillow. Does adult Jonas not have any new crushes in ? Team Teen heads to the caves. Noah is watching them. After threatening to leave Bartosz tied up without food or water, the Team Teen gets the explanation they were waiting for — the device in the suitcase is a time machine.

Adult Jonas and Charlotte have a chat. He explains to her who Noah is. Charlotte says she thinks this all has to do with her, which means it definitely does. She asks Jonas if he knows who her parents are, but he does not. Claudia is excited about it, but Bernd warns her that going public about it will raise questions, and he asks her to keep it quiet, at least until he dies. Having successfully escaped from the psychiatric hospital, Ulrich finds Mikkel.

Mikkel does not recognize his father right away, but says he seems familiar. They try to escape to the caves and go back to , but are caught by police, and Mikkel is returned to Ines, who continues to medicate him. Team Teen briefly goes to the 80s, and they see old cars and posters.

They all understand that time travel is real, and then head back to When she arrives back in her room, Martha finds the pendant that adult Jonas left her, and recognizes it. You killed the children. He pulls out a polaroid of himself with Charlotte as a baby, and tells her that her mother took the photo. Noah also says that he needs to end Adam so that everyone survives, not just those in the bunker. In , Adam explains to teen Jonas that the travelers have declared war on time.

Very punk, if you think about it. Adam shows Jonas the dark matter that he made himself, which can take you to the exact day you want to travel to. The two of them decide that Jonas should go to , the day before Michael died by suicide, to stop everything from being set into motion.

Jonas will not be born, but everyone else will live. Poor Jonas seems a little too eager to trust Adam. He steps into the dark matter. Why was she taken from her parents? What year was she born in? How did she end up with HG Tannhaus? What does the pendant mean? And what does Adam really want Jonas to do? Jonas wakes up in His dad is alive. He also a large container of coffee when he sees Jonas holding his raincoat, and says he had a deja vu.

After Jonas leaves, Hannah seems worried about Michael, and encourages him to come to the party. Jonas bikes toward the lake with his friends. Mikkel comes into their bedroom, sick — he has rubella. Search for two fugitive perps still on. Seems like what we would call a cold case. At the beach, Jonas finds the pendant with St. Christopher on it and shares a moment with Martha, but neither of them makes a move. He says he has to go teach Ines how to use her new tablet, and leaves.

Grandpas Top Threes – Mom Read It

It seems like a terrible idea, given that his hair is longer and his neck wound still scabbed. Never think anything else. If so, it looks like Jonas will not be successful in stopping his father. Anyway, they kiss. Mikkel is in the car with them, and comes inside to use the bathroom. Michael comes downstairs, and they share a moment of intense eye contact, which seems to shake up both of them, emotionally. At the anniversary party, Katharina is in party mode.

Meet The Robinsons Script

She greets Hannah and Charlotte warmly, encouraging them both to dance and drink. Hannah and Charlotte have both left their husbands at home for different reasons: Michael refused to come, and Charlotte asked Peter not to come because of their rocky relationship and his affair with Benni. Mikkel wakes up feeling sick again, and Katharina gets in bad with him at his request.

Martha brings Jonas upstairs, and gives him the pendant from the beach, which she put on a cord. She kisses him, and he kisses her back. They end up having sex, which means that the recurring dream of theirs is based on a memory, not just a fantasy or nightmare.

In doing so, Jonas discovers that Michael was never suicidal in the first place. Jonas is actually there to tell his dad what to do, and what to write in the letter. Also, Jonas was the one who took Mikkel to and left him there. Old Claudia shows up to confirm that both of these things need to happen.

Ultimately, Jonas succombs, and leaves Michael at home to write his suicide letter. A middle aged couple approaches Adam, presumably in Great work!

Booklist: Time Travel Reads for Teens

Burning questions: Seriously, is there hope in the world of Dark? Egon recognizes her, and says that she came into the police station, apologizing but making little sense on the same day Helge returned. Someone suggests that Egon shows a photo of Claudia to Helge. She pushes him to move in with her. Claudia then asks if she can come with him to his first chemotherapy appointment, and Egon seems happy. Martha initially fears him, but he gains her trust, and proves that he is Jonas by repeating her own words back to her, and by telling her that he left the pendant.

She takes his hand and touches his arm, then his face. Jonas seems awestruck by her presence, and extremely affected by her touch. Okay, I guess — but in a world where time travel exists, who gets to be horny for who? For me, that might be the theme of this entire show.

When Katharina breaks into the Kahnwald house, Jonas is protective, shielding Martha. Katharina is repulsed to see them together, and breaks the news about to Martha that she and Jonas are related. Clausen closes in on Aleksander, revealing that he is looking for Aleksander Kohler, who is his brother. Hannah uses the time machine she took from adult Jonas to go to Egon in , saying that she thinks the man accused of murdering the children might be her husband. She lies and says her name is Katharina Nielson. Egon lets her visit Ulrich.

Ulrich is at first thrilled to see her, then asks about Katharina and his kids. She wants to know if Ulrich could pick today, who would he choose? Her or Katharina? He fumbles with his words, but then tells her what she wants to hear. His words seem hollow and desperate, and Hannah knows it. My grandpa went to Australia in He was working for Boeing at the time and spent his visit jet-setting around the country in the cockpit of a new Artistic license. During his time there, he visited every major airport in the country, and he brought back many treasures. Among these were opals, and jade, and boomerangs.

He even brought back some kangaroo skins! As a child, I was fascinated with these trinkets and treasures. I wanted to do the same — to be an explorer! When I moved to New Zealand in late , I was so excited to explore the rugged beauty of the country. It took almost 5 months for me to do that due to a brutal work schedule, but when I finally got around to it the experience was breathtaking.

Massive mountains and fiords, lush rainforests, rugged coastlines. I bought a small car and explored the South Island alone, camping and hiking as much as I could. It was an epic adventure. I was doing it. I was an explorer! But then the money ran out, and I needed to land another job. I found one on the North Island, in the little city of Taupo.

Now we knew why. Just before I finished my working holiday and left the country, I got a chance to Skype with my parents while they visited him. I would spend a week in the hive of humanity, meeting my sister for half of that time. It was September 9th, and it was a day for exploration and relaxation.

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Pitch black, they shrouded the interior of the peninsula, and I saw forks of lightning split the blackness. I watched for a few minutes, and the storm seemed to be moving away. But then the storm overtook me, and the sky opened. I stowed my camera, phone, and wallet in a plastic bag and hunkered under a bush as the deluge hit. Thunder roared as a bolt of lightning struck the other end of the beach, and I found myself cackling with excitement. The walk back to Ham Tin was a soggy one. Soaked through, I stopped at a food shack for a steaming cup of tea.

By the time I made it back, the rain had all but stopped, and patches of blue were peeking out from the cloud cover. On a whim, I took out my phone and turned it on. Messages began to come through, and I felt a bit guilty. But no matter. I pulled down the notifications bar and my brain registered three words…. I stared at the message from my mom for a few minutes, letting it sink in.

I dug my toes into the sand, put my face in my hands, and sobbed until the tears stopped coming. The wind blew, and the sound of the waves was a balm. Nature, as always, was my comfort. Grandpa visited Hong Kong after his Australian adventures and brought back some coins from his time there. But just like Korea, the span of time which separated our experiences can also be seen in the change to currency. Grandpa and I ended up being very different men.

I had an easy childhood with loving and attentive parents, and I never had to face the horrors of war. Looking through my collection of coins and notes, I relive memories of my grandfather and the places we visited. Instead of my connection to him being confined to a single country, it spans continents. Nathan studied and started working in business, but quickly grew tired of it and tried teaching English in South Korea.

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