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Granville County Signers of the Oath of Allegiance. Randolph Co. Historical Sketches of North Carolina. The Annals of Tennessee. See pages for a list of the signers of the Watauga Association petition. Pennsylvania Archives. This database contains transcriptions of data extracted from original records in the custody of the State Archives concerning Revolutionary War service in the Pennsylvania Militia, Pennsylvania Line, and the Navy.

Pennsylvania Supply Tax. The supply tax supported the war effort. If your ancestor is listed as paying the Pennsylvania supply tax sometime during the years of - , he or she is eligible for patriotic service. Chester County Oath of Allegiance. Rhode Island. Vital Record of Rhode Island v. Revolutionary Defences sic in Rhode Island. Spirit of '76 in Rhode Island.

Irish Rhode Islanders in the American Revolution. Rhode Island in the Continental Congress South Carolina. To access these images, click here. Click " Enter On-line Records Index. In the Record group drop-down menu at the top of the search box, select Combined Index to Records Series Type a last name in Individual search box.

Click the Search button. In the results list, click " Online images available " on the far right side of the page for a result of interest. For more information about this source of service, click here. The History of South Carolina in the Revolution, Catalogue of the Principal Officers of Vermont Virginia Revolutionary War Records Vol. Virginia Militia in the Revolutionary War. List of the Revolutionary Soldiers of Virginia. Virginia Revolutionary War State Pensions. This database provides an index and scanned images of records that veterans and their widows presented to the county courts to certify their eligibility for pension.

Virginia Revolutionary War Bounty Warrants. This site offers an index and scanned images of documents used to verify dates and length of service of officers, soldiers, and sailors in a Virginia or Continental unit during the Revolutionary War. Virginia Revolutionary War Rejected Claims. View an index and images of the documents for applicants who had insufficient military service to qualify for the requested bounty land. A portion of the Virginia personal property tax and land tax went to support the war effort. Thus, if an ancestor is listed as having paid the personal property tax or land tax in Virginia in , he or she qualifies for patriotic service.

Click the letter of a surname of interest. A list of what is available through a "Virginia Tax List Club" subscription is posted here. In May , the Virginia General Assembly passed an act authorizing the governor to impress supplies needed by the American army.

The governor appointed commissioners in each locality to carry out the terms of the act. When the commissioner impressed property, he gave the owner a certificate describing what was taken. Between and county courts held special sessions at which certificates were presented and authenticated. This database is an index to documents relating to Virginia citizens' claims for compensation. Virginia Sources of Civil Service. Virginia Revolutionary War Warrants.

View images of Revolutionary War Warrants issued to Virginia veterans or their assigns prior to If your ancestor received a preemption warrant, he would have taken the oath of allegiance. Thus, he would be eligible for patriotic service. A list of over 4, men and women throughout Virginia who exchanged currency to aid the economy. See patriot John Christian aa If not used for service, this list can be used to establish residence.

The book above also includes a list of non-commissioned officers and soldiers in the Virginia STATE line see page 53 which is re-numbered as page 1.

Unification of Italy (Lancaster Pamphlets)

Calendar of Virginia State Papers, Vol. A complete history of the life in the Royal Court of the Stuarts and Georgians. John Heneage Jesse July 7, , English historian, son of Edward Jesse, was educated at Eton, and afterward became a clerk in the secretary's department An historical work on the conquest of Mexico. With a life of Hernando A scarce work of history by Karl Turk. Karl Turk was a German politician and legal historian noted for his series of legal history studies.

This volume deals with legal history in the united states. An interesting historical report on the roles of women and children in farming. With sections including the ages at which boys and girls are first employed, the nature of the work and their clothing and lodging. The extremely scarce first edition of Lieutenant Vincent Eyre's account of his first hand experiences during the First Afghan War, during which he was captured and imprisoned with his family. Illustrated with a folding Two volumes of this genealogical work. With the bookplate of one Ronald Giles Daubeny to the front pastedown of both volumes.

Written by Thomas Christopher Banks, a British genealogist and lawyer. He styled himself as 'Sir T C Banks, The complete 10 volumes of Alison's History of Europe. From the library of the Titley Court Estate. Titley Court was home to the Greenly family for over years. The Greenly family have a long and fascinating history, perhaps most An illustrated copy of Jean Froissart's extensive history on Europe in the fourteenth century, translated by Thomas Johnes. A two volume set of this conference souvenir.

In French. Sermons and instructions heard of Sainte-Valerie between and A brief historical work on England. Aimed for the use of Catholic youth. Author is noted as 'A member of the Ursuline Community, A scarce work of American history in which Samuel Wilberforce explores the history of the Episcopal Church. Bound in the publisher's original cloth binding. Illustrated with one folding Helps was recognised by the ablest of his A scarce English translation of this comprehensive work from an eminent Swedish historian.

Edited by Mary Howitt. Two Volumes only. Bound as one.

Past Issues

Anders Fryxell, An interesting work on the history of the Protestant Episcopal Church in America, written by the respected bishop and public speaker Samuel Wilberfoce, with a folding map to the frontispiece. A detailed report on the findings of the committee formed to investigate changes in the laws surrounding the tobacco trade. Heckers three treatises of Epidemics occurring in the Middle Ages collected into one volume and translated into English from the original German texts.

An English translation of this History of France, by one of the great historians. This is the magnum opus for which he is best known. The Encyclopaedia Britannica says, "Michelets method, an attempt to resurrect the past by immersing A set of the History of France by M. Emile de Bonnechose. Seventh Edition. An illustrated book of the history and antiquities of England.

Bound in half calf with gilt lettering and marbled paper covered boards. With Josiah Fletcher's binding label on the front pastedowns With 12 colour A selection of legal reports and records of the cases of Sir Edmund Saunders. Sixth edition. An uncommon nineteenth century instructional German work on the education of reading and writing. With the bookplate of one Thomas Westwood to the front pastedown.

Stamps to the half-title A very scarce historical play by E. Davenport, in a handsome Pickering edition. Edward Davies Davenport was an enthusiastic Whig politician and social reformer.

He often found himself in despair at the tumultuous relationship The first edition of W H Maxwell's historical text. Illustrated throughout, with twenty seven plates.

Index to This Section:

With illustrations by Cruikshank, a notable British caricaturist and illustrator. This work is a comprehensive history A beautiful second edition set of Leopold von Ranke's extensive look at the Reformation in Germany, and the effect it had on the country. Translated here by Sarah Austin. Complete in three volumes A fully illustrated work on the history of Touraine in France, with coloured plates of coats of arms, written by Stanislas Bellanger. This work is an interesting history of the Touraine province Lord Brougham's biographical work on several prominent figures.

Timeline of French Revolutions 1789-1870

With portrait illustrations. A first edition of Prison and Prisoners by Joseph Adshead. With illustrations. With an ink inscription 'From the Author' to the title-page. A political travel work by Andrew Archibald Paton. Illustrated, with a frontispiece of Cara Georg and and additional plate. This work is both historical and descriptive and discusses Paton's residence in Belgrade and his travels in the An interesting first edition exploring the study of human society, through the analysis of the material culture and environmental data and portrayed using illustrations.

Includes a meeting of the British Archaeological Association, Bound in card. Colonel George Gunter, from Racton, is famous for his share in assisting the A five volume set of this historical work. The fifth edition. Complete in five volumes. With 25 full page plates including five frontispieces. Louis Blanc was a French politician and historian. Illustrated with woodcuts. In two volumes complete. A handsomely bound volume examining the Christian doctrine, its history and practical uses , written by the important figure in the churches history.

Third edition. Presenting a series A smart copy of Heeren's influential historical work, in a fine binding. First English Edition: translated from the fifth German edition. An historical work on the court of Charles the Second. Lacking title page and frontispiece. An uncommon, first-hand account of the convict system in Tasmania written by political prisoner Linus Wilson Miller. This work follows Linus W Miller who was Very scarce indeed in the original pictorial wraps Featuring numerous woodcut illustrations, including a frontispiece.

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The first edition of this important work on South Australia. A three volume set looking at ancient history around the world, illustrated with folding maps throughout. Complete in three volumes.

*The Growth of Newspapers in the Revolutionary Era

A comprehensive history of Europe during the turbulent times of the French Revolution, spanning the years - With an engraving from a bust of the author with a facsimile of his signature to frontispiece to first volume. A first edition of A Beckett's most renowned work, this is a lively history of England told in a style that was highly unusual at its times of publication.

With copious illustrations throughout by John Leech, including twenty coloured Henry Hallam was an English historian who was a fellow of the Royal Society and a trustee of the A first edition of A Beckett's most famous work, this is a lively history of England told in a style that was highly unusual at its times of publication. This is the seventh edition of Guizot's history of France. Francois Pierre Guillaume Guizot was a French historian, orator and statesmen, dominant in French politics prior to the Revolution of The social, military and monarchical histories of several European countries.

Published by Thomas Nelson, a publishing company which was still active into the late 20th century. Direct from the Regency library The first edition of George Grote's collection of letters focussing on politics in Switzerland. An author's presentation copy, inscribed by the author to the front pastedown. The first edition A copy of Scott's famous work Tales From a Grandfather.

Scott also wrote books An attractive volume of this guide to landed gentry and titled figures of the British Empire. Arranged and Printed from A very scarce work of American history from the early nineteenth century. No matches on Copac, dated from the preface. Anonymously published. Created as an educational tool, this George Richardson Porter's eminent and influential work.

The New Edition of this work. George Richardson Porter A lovely edition of the folklore 'Whittington and His Cat', illustrated with coloured plates. A selection of works by Frederick Schiller. With an engraved frontispiece of Joan of Arc. Translated from the original German into English.

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  • Frederick Schiller was a German poet, philosopher, historian and playwright. He wrote many works A first edition of this volume on rural matters. Bearing the full title Pictures of Country Life and Summer Rambles in Green and Shady Places, the work offers a vivid depiction of the Victorian British countryside, and contains illustrative Re-bound first edition of this account of England.

    Translated from the original Italian, with notes, by Charlotte Augusta Sneyd. From the Preface: "Neither the name of the writer of this history, nor that of the person to whom A two volume set by William H. Prescott in which he explores the Spanish conquest of Peru in South America.

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    Rebacked with the original backstrip and boards preserved Two volumes of Henri Klee's look at the history of Christian dogmas, translated here into French from the original German by P. These volumes are in French Featuring a portrait frontispiece of the writer and numerous further portrait plates.

    With bookseller's labels of P This is the first edition A four volumes in 1 publication of Lamartine's Histoire de la Revolution de Alphonse Marie Louis de Prat de Lamartine was a French writer, poet and politician who was instrumental in the foundation of the Second Republic A smartly rebound copy of the eleventh edition of John Burke's important genealogical work, 'Burke's Peerage'.

    A 'new' edition of Ralph Gardner's attack on the Puritans after the tax of coal trade was enforced in Newcastle. Ralph Gardner was a controversial figure during his time. He greatly opposed A selection of essays on historical figures by Lord Mahon. Originally contributed to The Quarterly Review. With an illustration of the restored Roman forum to the A mid nineteenth-century copy of Robert Southey's work. Featuring an additional engraved titlepage. A first edition copy of Thackeray's satirical bildungsroman 'History of Pendennis'; complete in two volumes with the original charming illustrations by the author himself.

    First published in Thomas Babington Macaulay was a British poet, historian and Whig politician. He wrote extensively as an essayist and reviewer, and on British history. Two uniformly-bound volumes of the works of Count Anthony Hamilton. Lewis, H. Ryde, and C. Memoirs of the Court of Charles the Second, by A five volume set of Macaulay's History of England. The Present Position. Maintained Primary Schools: England. Children are measured lying down until the age of two but are measured standing after that age. The break in curves represent the differences between these two measurements.

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