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  3. “Early One Morning” by W.S. Merwin
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I think Adam sang it. I loved that tune! But we haven't answered your question yet English" - That's all I know. Our Henry was supposed to be a proliffic song writer and often put songs foward under a false name as it wasn't , then, a kingly thing to do. So, frequently songs that may or may not have been written by him, get attributed to him.

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This may be quite unhelpful. I still like a chorus broken out. I don't think this is likely to be one of his, sounds more like a C17 Madrigal, though I suppose it could be earlier.

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For a useful list of works attributed to H. I've had this sweet melody on my mind all the past day, thanks to this thread! Guess its origins are lost. Beautiful no matter where it came from. Thanks for all help. What I do know is there are too many words on most lines, which makes it scan very oddly!! Ever since being introduced to his gently haunting rendition on recorder '68 or '69 on the idiot box in Houston , I've always loved it performed that way best.

Thanks for sparking the memory! I work for my local Renaissance Festival and as a living history interpreter elsewere and as such, am always mindful of the need to be able to justify and verify, if possible the songs we sing as being more or less within the dates of whatever event we happen to be at.

The Mudcat Cafe has been a wonderful resource for finding that information or at the very least, as a starting point for research into the song!!

Early One Morning - Farnworth Little Theatre

However, I am kind of stuck on the background of one particular song. I have the tune, and the lyrics, but have no more information. If anyone has info for me I would sure appreciate it. Sincerely, Whitewater. English" and it's apparently Tudor He often does. William Chappell commented in his Popular Music of the Olden Time : "If I were required to name three of the most popular songs among the servant-maids of the present generation, I should say, from my own experience, that they are Cupid's Garden , I Sow'd the Seeds of Love , and Early One Morning The tune I don't know anything about the songbooks he mentioned, though Bruce Olson probably would.

I doubt if the song is earlier than the midth century, but I'm no expert on such things.

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It may perhaps have earlier antecedents, but Tudor looks on the face of it like a very large exaggeration! McNally was responsible for betraying Robert Emmett, Emmett was hanged in for his part in the Irish insurrection. The title of the song is The Lass of Richmpnd Hill. Slan Ard Mhacha. I may just be stupid not unheard of - but I see very little resmblence between either lyrics or tune of 'The Lass of Richmond Hill' and 'Early One Morning'.

Tattie B. And the slow march of the Artillery is the Eton Boating Song. It was first published -as a poem- in The Morning Post on 1st. Information from Frances I'Anson. Malcolm seems to be essentially right about this one, though it might be worth pointing out that the song is historically more usually known as "The Lamenting Maid". All except one of the Bodleian copies appear to come from the period between and However, this one is, typographically, rather earlier I'd say about at the latest.

Bruce Olson links the song or at least one with the same name with a number of others in his entry for "Winter it is past". I'll quote it in full. Six excellent new songs. The minister's daughter of bonny Dundee. The lamenting maid.

“Early One Morning” by W.S. Merwin

His answer. An old song to the highland tune.

A new song for the new year. The north country lass. Printed in the year, 8p. National Library of Scotland Lauriston Collection Place of printing suggested by Nat. Though it claims here to be a new song, this may be worth taking with something of a pinch of salt, as it was a stock phrase of broadside and garland publishers.

Early One Morning by Virginia Baily review – fearless, witty and full of flair

T Early One Morning Not inscribed. Painted steel and aluminium, x x x x Presented by the Contemporary Art Society Coll: Purchased by the C. Repr: Art and Artists , I, June , p. Jac Leirner. Richard MacCormac. Anthony Caro and Norman Foster. Main menu additional Become a Member Shop. Twitter Facebook Email Pinterest Share this page.

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Not on display. Artist Sir Anthony Caro — Medium Painted steel and aluminium. Dimensions Object: x x mm. Collection Tate. Acquisition Presented by the Contemporary Art Society Reference T Display caption Catalogue entry. Display caption Early One Morning is a major example of the kind of sculpture that established Caro as the leading young sculptor of the s.

Catalogue entry Anthony Caro b. Film and audio. When art meets architecture: Anthony Caro retrospective Richard MacCormac Richard MacCormac reflects on the relationship between sculpture and architecture in the light of a visit to Anthony Caro's The poetics of space Anthony Caro and Norman Foster Sculptors and architects both work with form in space, albeit on different scales and using varying methods.