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Publisher: Genesis Press MS , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis When the position of a lifetime comes available, Deena Newman, an attorney at a prestigious law firm whose success has come by way of bedrooms rather than boardrooms, will do anything to get the job, which might just cost her everything she's worked so hard for. Buy New Learn more about this copy.

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Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Published by Genesis Press Seller Rating:. Even in the viral video, he is seen saying "Tu apna kaam kar" when being asked to move. It seems he took affront at being told to move by the staff and even during the struggle, he punches and uses colourful language to get the misbehaving, boorish men off him.

Riding the Corporate Ladder (Indigo) - Walker, Keith Thomas - Google Books

As for the staff members, yes they were clearly in the wrong. It was not their home ground, they were in uniform, on duty and representing a brand and themselves as brand ambassadors. When you are in the service industry you do not get down to fisticuffs even when abused. But these were young, hot-blooded, men with criminal intent, who should not have been hired in the first place.

Still, as people more privileged and educated, we must know how to behave with others, especially those much beneath on the societal ladder to us. Himmat Anand, the founder of Tree of Life chain of hotels, conveyed a strong point in his half-jestful post where he says, "While finally boarding my flight just now, after a delay of 2 hours, I thought I'll also say "Fuck Off" and see what happens. I decided against it, because Apnee izaat apnea haath mein hoti hai. Nikhil Taneja, a creative producer with Yash Raj Films, made an extremely pertinent point, "Regarding the IndiGo incident: I don't know both sides of the story and I completely condemn any violence for any reason.

Having said that, I will use this occasion to talk about one thing that gets to me: our behaviour with customer support staff in India. Regarding the Indigo incident: I don't know both sides of the story and I completely condemn any violence for any reason.


A few years back, our next door neighbour caught a maid picking leaves from the curry leaf plant opposite their house. The maid retaliated using equally colourful expletives on them, raising her pitch to match theirs. Most people around, from the same social strata as the neighbours, tsk-tsked and rued about the degradation in this serving class of people and lamented how they had learnt to talk and answer back. For the sahib class, it seems, it is okay to ride roughshod and play the part of lord and masters.

International Networking Day: How to climb the corporate ladder fast!

But if the "lower" strata stands up for their right or respect or dignity then they really have done something extremely wrong in our eyes. We in India are really the doyens of double standards. What's good for us and is allowed to us is never so for the minions we employ or get services from. About six months ago, our gardener came to us one late evening with his face hung low. Upon enquiring, he told us that he had been thrown out of the colony because an RWA member had reported against him. Radhey Shyam, the gardener, refused saying that he would not be able to do it.

She lost her cool and rebuked him. He answered back, to which she seethed with rage and said, "I'll beat you with my shoe. Guest Review Guidelines

The fellow was aghast and turned rude in order to salvage whatever self-respect he could. The lady reported him to the RWA president, breaking into tears midway. The association collectively decided on who the villain and who the victim here was. As expected of a one-sided jury, the gardener was given another verbal lashing and thrown out of the job.

When he approached us, we intervened and conveyed to the RWA that we vouched for his work, honesty and character. The president relented but only after making the gardener apologise again and giving in writing that he would never misbehave regardless of the provocation. For the gardener survival came much before dignity, so he played along in our lop-sided game of justice and got to keep his job. While we were grateful to the RWA for listening to us, we were left with a heavy heart; once again we had let our class bias rule over our logic, reasoning and wisdom. Why do we feel that we are more righteous than those below us?

Why do we empathise with our own kind with such ease? Why are we not balanced in our approach? Why must we hasten to accuse the people standing on the lower rungs? Why are we alright with being rude and obnoxious with those who provide us services, thinking that they are born to serve us? But should the same treatment be meted out to us, even in the tiniest of measures, then all hell breaks loose and we demand respect, command submissiveness and force out apologies. Swapan Seth, the owner of advertising agency Equus, says it well, "We are, as a bunch, rather rude with service providers: hotels, restaurants, airlines, banks, telco companies.

But they are human. And sometimes they too lose it.

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